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100 photos de Martin Parr pour la liberté de la presse

100 photos de Martin Parr pour la liberté de la presse

Published on Thursday 26 April 2012. Updated on Friday 27 April 2012.
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For the 20th anniversary of its first “100 Photos for Press Freedom,” Reporters Without Borders is publishing a collection featuring the work of British photographer Martin Parr.

A member of Magnum Photos since 1994, Parr is a leading figure in contemporary photography, one whose work is characterized by its humour. With a mischievous and unforgiving eye, he captures the more bizarre aspects of our consumer society. The results are both funny and deeply disturbing. According to Parr, “visiting [tourism] sites is a modern form of pilgrimage and the resulting photos the ultimate prize.” This collection, dedicated to his work on mass tourism, shows “pilgrims” conditioned to do the same thing at the same time – rushing though visits with their noses glued to cameras, jostling in front of monuments and crowding together on beaches. Witty and often cruel, Parr says he just wants to photograph his “contemporaries.” For more than 30 years he has been capturing our modernity in all its absurdity. Last March, Parr took a series of photos in Thailand and Angkor Wat in Cambodia for Reporters Without Borders. This collection includes 20 of these previously unpublished photos.

Reporters Without Borders is marking this 20th anniversary with a new format, new layout and new content for the collections it publishes three times a year. From now on, they will have sections offering a window on contemporary photographic creation, featuring the work of young photographers and politically committed photoreporters.

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