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Published on Tuesday 3 July 2012. Updated on Monday 24 August 2015.
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New French accounting regulations for organizations appealing for public contributions means they must use a new method for their annual accounting of how they employ their resources. Reporters Without Borders’ use of its resources during the year ending 31 December 2014 is summarized below according to the new regulations.


Income for 2014 adds up to 4,895KE (vs 3,609KE in 2013). RWB’s two main sources of funding in 2014 originate from: other private funding, namely the sale of publications and other merchandising (above all photo albums), which represented 33% of resources, remain stable 2013, grants and public contributions, which accounted for 44.7% of resources in 2013, compared with 27% in 2012. This important increase can mainly be explained by funds received by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) dedicated to the implementation of new media projects and to support the organization in its development. Grants and other public donations mainly come from the following institutions: SIDA and European Union (IEDHR). Resources derived from the generosity of members of the public have decreased and represent 5.2%, against 12.6% the previous year. They are composed of donations received by private individuals from France and abroad, as well as from legacies. In 2014 RWB did not benefit from any legacies, whereas in 2013 RWB received two life insurances amounting to a total of 237 KE. In 2014, resources derived from the public’s generosity were used: in part to finance public fund-raising activities, and to carry out activities with a social benefit. Sponsorships and resources from projects funded by foundations representing 15.6% in 2013, now account for 14%. Funding from other sources represented 2.5% of the total (2% less than in 2013). This funding consisted mainly of payments from insurance royalties, income from services to RWB International, and revenue of financial origin (mainly currency transactions).

How it was spent

4,192 KE of expenditures for 2014 (vs 3,761 KE in 2013).

Activities with a social benefit accounted for 69% of RWB’s use of resources in 2014, namely 3,379 KE, vs 2,971 KE and 78% in 2013. This decrease relative to social missions can be explained by the fact that the percentage is calculated on the total of expenditures (i.e. including the excess of resources of the financial year when it was a deficit in 2013). RWB’s activities with a social benefit are of two kinds:

  • provision of information, advocacy and awareness-raising based on the work of RWB’s researchers and its correspondents (approximately 140) worldwide focusing on drawing attention to violations of freedom of information. The awareness-raising uses methods such as press releases, investigative reports and communication campaigns. In 2013, the main subjects of the campaigns were the winter Olympic Games in Sootchi, bringing forward heroes of the liberty of information on the occasion of 3rd of May and the situation of the liberty of information in Eritrea. This component also includes the publishing of three photo albums per year that highlight the importance of the work of photojournalists and media freedom. In 2014, Reporters Without Borders’ activities in this area also included: Internet censorship bypassing, the work of journalism in zones of conflict, or while covering elections. The work of informing, advocacy and awareness-raising is also relayed by RWB’s international sections and its offices in Washington, Brussels, and Tunis (since 2011). The costs of these international branches contributed to the costs of RWB’s international activities with a social benefit.
  • Assistance and support for journalists, bloggers and media: Reporters Without Borders had for several years a unit dedicated to this type of assistance. The grants made in 2014 helped journalists to flee abroad when they were in danger and paid the medical bills, legal fees or basic living expenses of journalists in serious difficulty. Support for news media that target the world’s most closed countries continued with funding for Radio Erena, an independent radio station based in Paris and that broadcasts in Eritrea. The main beneficiaries of this activity are journalists, bloggers and media based in other countries, and is therefore regarded as being carried out abroad. Fund-raising costs represented 10.2% of RWB’s expenditure in 2014 (12.3% in 2013). They included: expenses arising from public fund-raising activities (two paper mailings in 2014 and, the cost of printing and sending Libre Court, published quarterly and destined to members and donors, and expenses (including salary and travel expenses) linked to fund-raising from private foundations and public institutions. The decrease of costs of fundraising is the consequence of less requiring the services of online fundraising. Operating costs in 2014 represent 6.4% of total expenditure, against 8.3% the previous year.

In 2014, Reporters Without Borders received: free media advertising for its activities worth 756KE (against 991KE in 2013).






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