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Continuing violence

Published on 18 April 2014Read


Military ban magazine in northeastern state of Shan

Reporters Without Borders called on the Burmese junta to include press freedom in its "roadmap to democracy" today after learning that Hsenpai (...)

Published on 9 April 2004 Read


Thirteen Maoist militants accused of murder of journalist Manik Saha

Thirteen militants of the banned Maoist party Purbobanglar are accused of the murder of journalist Manik Saha with the use of a home-made bomb on (...)

Published on 8 April 2004 Read


Journalist badly wounded in murder attempt

A journalist was seriously wounded in the head and back after two unidentified youths fired several shots at him in a dangerous southern district (...)

Published on 6 April 2004 Read


Triad gangs could be involved in threats against Albert Cheng

Political commentator Albert Cheng, a critic of the Beijing government, has said rich families with links to the triads and with an interest in a (...)

Published on 6 April 2004 Read


Burmese journalist Kyi Tin Oo free after 10 years

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association welcomed the release of Burmese journalist and poet Kyi Tin Oo after more than ten (...)

Published on 1 April 2004 Read

Sri Lanka

Journalists targeted in attacks ahead of legislative elections

On the eve of 2 April 2004 legislative elections, Reporters Without Borders has recorded a series of physical attacks and threats against (...)

Published on 31 March 2004 Read


"I did nothing wrong," says freed journalist

Journalist Khawar Mehdi Rizvi was released from prison in Quetta on 29 March by order of the local anti-terrorist court, though he will be on (...)

Published on 27 March 2004 Read


Cyberdissident Ouyang Yi sentenced to two years in prison

Reporters Without Borders condemned as abusive a two-year prison sentence imposed on cyberdissident Ouyang Yi by a court in south-western (...)

Published on 24 March 2004 Read

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