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Farcical trial

Verdict due

Published on 22 December 2015Read


Yet another intimidatory signal to independent news media

Under the amendments signed into law on 3 February, the justice ministry can now ask a court to close any news outlet if it gets foreign funding (...)

Published on 10 February 2015 Read


Azerbaijani journalist Ismayilova begins third month in detention

Leading investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova today begins her third month in detention pending what will certainly be a sham trial. She (...)

Published on 5 February 2015 Read


Well-known journalist gets five years on absurd charge

The latest victim of the crackdown that the authorities began last summer is the well-known journalist Seymour Khazi, who was sentenced to five (...)

Published on 30 January 2015 Read


Imprisoned journalist pays tribute to colleague held in same jail

At a hearing today, a prosecutor requested a six-year jail term for Seymour Khazi, one of the opposition newspaper Azadlig’s most famous (...)

Published on 22 January 2015 Read


RFE/RL’s Baku bureau falls victim to crackdown

Radio Azadliq, the Azerbaijani service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, became the latest victim of the government’s campaign to stamp out (...)

Published on 26 December 2014 Read


RWB launches petition for release of Azerbaijani journalist Ismayilova

Sign the petition Ismayilova, an award-winning journalist and figurehead of independent journalism in Azerbaijan, joins the ranks of the 100 (...)

Published on 15 December 2014 Read


Two months preventive detention ordered for Azerbaijani journalist

The Sabail District Court of Baku issued the preventive sentence order on 5 December. Ismayilova, one of the “100 Heros of Information” honoured (...)

Published on 5 December 2014 Read


Journalist abducted by police and questioned for two hours

“Karimov’s abduction by the very people who are supposed to ensure respect for public order is deeply shocking,” said Johann Bihr, the head of the (...)

Published on 28 November 2014 Read

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