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Shooting attack on outspoken Rio blogger, reprisal suspected

Reporters Without Borders urges investigators to actively explore the possibility that yesterday’s nearly fatal shooting attack on blogger Ricardo (...)

Published on 24 March 2011 Read


Local courts allow multiple lawsuits to be used to censor journalists

Reporters Without Borders is disturbed by the way some local courts permit the use of multiple lawsuits and other abusive judicial procedures to (...)

Published on 25 February 2011 Read


Convicted trafficker alleged to have ordered journalist’s murder from inside prison

Radio presenter Francisco Gomes de Medeiros’ murder on 18 October in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte was carried out on the orders (...)

Published on 6 December 2010 Read


One journalist wounded, another’s killer arrested in Rio military operation

A Reuters photographer sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder and one of the fugitive murderers of TV Globo reporter Tim Lopes was arrested (...)

Published on 30 November 2010 Read


Police rule out work-related motive in journalist’s murder in Rio de Janeiro province

Reporters Without Borders notes that the police claim to have arrested the person who fatally shot journalist José Rubem Pontes de Souza on the (...)

Published on 9 November 2010 Read


Local free newspaper owner fatally shot at home, witness’s testimony awaited

The motive for the fatal shooting of journalist and local free newspaper owner Wanderley dos Reis during an armed intrusion in his home in (...)

Published on 19 October 2010 Read


Journalist’s convicted murderer openly dealing in drugs in Rio

Eliseu Felício de Souza, also known as “O Zeu,” a gang member who has been on the run for the past three years after being convicted for his role in (...)

Published on 10 August 2010 Read


Court gags daily at the demand of a politician

A civil court has since 11 May banned daily newspaper Diário do Grande ABC from publishing any articles about a case implicating Luiz Marinho, the (...)

Published on 19 May 2010 Read

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