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Targeted shooting

Published on 28 February 2014Read

Hit jobs


Journalist’s convicted murderer openly dealing in drugs in Rio

Eliseu Felício de Souza, also known as “O Zeu,” a gang member who has been on the run for the past three years after being convicted for his role in (...)

Published on 10 August 2010 Read


Court gags daily at the demand of a politician

A civil court has since 11 May banned daily newspaper Diário do Grande ABC from publishing any articles about a case implicating Luiz Marinho, the (...)

Published on 19 May 2010 Read


French documentary maker faces a slew of law suits in a bid to censor his film

Reporters Without Borders today urged courts in a Brazilian state not to give way to pressure and endorse an act of censorship against a film by (...)

Published on 4 May 2010 Read


Three military policemen get along jail terms for killing journalist in 2007

A São Paulo court has just struck a major blow against impunity by passing long jail sentences on four men, three of them members of the military (...)

Published on 29 March 2010 Read


O Estado de São Paulo approaching 200th day of ban restricting press freedom

The São Paulo-based daily O Estado de São Paulo and its website Estadão are approaching the 200th day of a court order banning them from publishing (...)

Published on 4 February 2010 Read


Fernando Sarney pulls out of law suit against O Estado de São Paulo

Fernando Sarney, a businessman implicated in a corruption scandal, and the son of the speaker of the Senate, on 17 December dropped the case he (...)

Published on 21 December 2009 Read


Media boss and radio presenter gunned down in Pernambuco

Reporters Without Borders said today that the murder of radio station owner and presenter José Givonaldo Vieira, shot dead at the door of his (...)

Published on 17 December 2009 Read


Journalist freed after being illegally imprisoned for defamation

A court in the Amazonian state of Acre released Antônio Muniz, a local TV commentator and columnist for the daily newspaper O Rio Branco, on 4 (...)

Published on 8 December 2009 Read

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