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Interview with Genka Shikerova on media freedom in Bulgaria

She was interviewed for Reporters Without Borders by Desislava Kyurkchyeva on 23 September. The original version in bulgarian of this interview (...)

Published on 2 October 2013 Read


Police attack journalists covering protest outside parliament

Reporters Without Borders condemns police violence against at least seven journalists and a blogger who were covering the demonstration outside (...)

Published on 26 July 2013 Read


Far-right party invades state TV broadcaster

Reporters Without Borders is appalled by yesterday’s forcible invasion of Bulgaria’s state-owned TV broadcaster, BNT, by the leader and members of (...)

Published on 28 June 2013 Read


New security chief must have no link to spying on journalists

Reporters Without Borders is worried by all the controversy surrounding the still undecided appointment of a new head of Bulgaria’s DANS, the (...)

Published on 24 June 2013 Read


Prime Minister’s dangerous Cold War-style threat to journalists

“What they have done, I can cook it for all of you standing here today. I can order the secret services to launch similar cases for all of you (...)

Published on 7 February 2013 Read


News website harassed for investigating banking sector

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the proceedings that four banks have initiated through the Bulgarian National Bank against the news (...)

Published on 24 October 2012 Read


Car bomb and hate campaign mark disturbing evolution in climate for media

Reporters Without Borders is very concerned about a new deterioration in the media freedom situation in Bulgaria in the run-up to the (...)

Published on 21 October 2011 Read


Draft laws mooted on defamation and phone-tapping. Journalist confidentiality menaced

Reporters Without Borders says today that it is worried by proposals put forward by members of the ruling party Citizens for European Development (...)

Published on 27 January 2011 Read

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