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Judicial persecution


Court hears Gao Yu’s appeal behind closed doors

Gao Yu reaffirmed her innocence and answered questions from the judge and her lawyers, but no further details of the hearing were made public. (...)

Published on 24 November 2015 Read


China pursues journalists and dissidents overseas

The Thai police arrested the cartoonist, Jiang Yefei (姜野飞), on 28 October, held him in a prison for illegal immigrants in Bangkok for just over two (...)

Published on 20 November 2015 Read


Call for investigative journalist’s immediate release

The deputy editor of Southern Metropolis News (南方都市报), a newspaper based in Guangdong, the 37-year-old Liu Wei (刘伟) was arrested in Chengdu on 8 (...)

Published on 19 October 2015 Read


2010 Peace laureate languishes in Chinese jail in face of international indifference

The Chinese government has been arbitrarily holding Liu Xiaobo, who was also awarded the 2004 RSF Prize, in Jinzhou Prison in Dalian, Liaoning (...)

Published on 12 October 2015 Read


Beijing imposes its propaganda beyond its borders

The policy is making headway although the Chinese government prefers to be discreet about it. “The fight for freedom of information and media (...)

Published on 24 September 2015 Read


China makes reporter pay for fall in share prices

Wang Xiaolu, who works for the independent business magazine Caijing, was arrested at his Beijing home on 25 August for “fabricating and spreading (...)

Published on 28 August 2015 Read


Whatever the results of the World Championships, China will still be 176th

To mark the start of the tournament tomorrow, RSF is distributing a campaign visual that shows a hand holding a medal with barbed wire instead of (...)

Published on 21 August 2015 Read


Authorities suppress “right to know” about Tianjin explosions

The Chinese Communist Party has issued a series of directives to online media and Internet users since the massive chemical explosions in Tianjin (...)

Published on 18 August 2015 Read

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