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Four years in prison for cyber-dissident Xu Zhiyong

Reporters Without Borders deplores the four-year jail sentence that Beijing Intermediate Court No. 1 imposed on the cyber-dissident Xu Zhiyong on (...)

Published on 28 January 2014 Read


China censors reports about elite’s hidden funds

“The Chinese government’s reaction to the publication of these revelations about corruption in China is evidence of its embarrassment about (...)

Published on 24 January 2014 Read


RWB says nothing about Xu Zhiyong trial farce

For more information, click here Reporters Without Borders is appalled by the uncommunicative attitude of the Chinese authorities, who have (...)

Published on 24 January 2014 Read


TV crews manhandled outside courtroom during dissident’s trial

Human rights lawyer and cyber-dissident Xu Zhiyong is currently being tried by Beijing Intermediate Court No. 1 on a charge of “gathering a crowd (...)

Published on 24 January 2014 Read


Uyghur citizen-journalist Ilham Tohti detained again

Reporters Without Borders is worried about Uyghur academic and citizen-journalist Ilham Tohti, who was arrested at his Beijing home on 15 January (...)

Published on 17 January 2014 Read


New year’s resolution : China blocks The Guardian newspaper’s website

The year is off to a bad start for the foreign media in China., a website that monitors censorship in China, reported on Twitter (...)

Published on 8 January 2014 Read


Don’t forget Liu Xiaobo, held for the past five years

Four years ago today, a Beijing court sentenced the leading Chinese free speech advocate Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, to 11 (...)

Published on 24 December 2013 Read


Training used to tighten control of China’s media

The government has announced measures designed to tighten its grip on the national media, including a national exam for journalism students that (...)

Published on 18 December 2013 Read

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