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Block on access to foreign websites to be lifted in Shanghai free trade zone

Reporters Without Borders takes note of a report in today’s South China Morning Post revealing that leading foreign social networks and news (...)

Published on 24 September 2013 Read


Dissident who was jailed on Yahoo’s information gets early release

Reporters Without Borders hails the early release of Shi Tao, a poet and journalist who was jailed on information provided by the US Internet (...)

Published on 10 September 2013 Read


During Bo Xilai trial, journalist arrested for reporting corruption

看中文 Reporters Without Borders condemns the arrest of Liu Hu, a journalist with the Guangzhou-based daily Xin Kuai Bao (Modern Express), on 23 (...)

Published on 26 August 2013 Read


Authorities urged to let foreign media attend Bo Xilai trial

看中文 Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party boss in the city-province of Chongqing, will go on trial tomorrow before a people’s court in Jinan, in (...)

Published on 21 August 2013 Read


“Take no photos or you will die here”

Reporters Without Borders is appalled by recent threats and violence against journalists. Li Haitao (李海涛) and Lei Kai (李海涛), two reporters with (...)

Published on 19 July 2013 Read


Xinjiang suffers information blockade four years after demonstrations

Chinese authorities clamped a week-long communications blackout on the Uighur autonomous region as part of a military repression prompted by (...)

Published on 4 July 2013 Read


Dissident’s wife addresses open letter to president after brother is jailed

A open letter to President Xi Jinping by Liu Xia, the wife of jailed Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, was posted by her lawyer on Twitter on 14 (...)

Published on 18 June 2013 Read


Chinese diplomats threaten French journalist after Tibet report

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the way Chinese diplomatic personnel have harassed and threatened French journalist Cyril Payen, a (...)

Published on 11 June 2013 Read

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