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Colombian radio journalist gunned down two weeks after protection withdrawn

Radio station director Luis Carlos Cervantes was gunned down yesterday in Tarazá, a town in the northwestern department of Antioquia, two weeks (...)

Published on 13 August 2014 Read


New plot to murder investigative reporter Gonzalo Guillén

Reporters Without Borders is concerned about new threats to independent journalist Gonzalo Guillén in connection his coverage of the now (...)

Published on 30 May 2014 Read


Colombian candidates urged to respect journalists’ work

To the 25 May presidential election candidates Clara López Enrique Peñalosa Marta Lucía Ramírez Juan Manuel Santos Calderón Óscar Iván (...)

Published on 22 May 2014 Read


Journalists attacked by riot police, one of them is accused of assault

Reporters Without Borders condemns attacks by police on four journalists from the daily El Colombiano who were covering May Day demonstrations in (...)

Published on 2 May 2014 Read


Repeat threats to journalist as her torture case advances

Radio Nizkor’s Claudia Julieta Duque is an investigative journalist who has been harassed, threatened, followed and kidnapped in 2001 after (...)

Published on 11 April 2014 Read


Journalist murdered seven months after being threatened

Reporters Without Borders condemns the young journalist Yonni Steven Caicedo’s fatal shooting by two gunmen in Buenaventura, in the southwestern (...)

Published on 21 February 2014 Read


Spying on journalists compromises coverage of peace talks

Reporters Without Borders calls for full respect for the work of journalists by President Juan Manuel Santos’ government and members of the armed (...)

Published on 19 February 2014 Read


Spanish photographer missing in dangerous northeastern department

Reporters Without Borders urges the authorities, and in particular the GAULA elite units that combat abduction and extortion, to deploy whatever (...)

Published on 29 January 2014 Read

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