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Community outlets targeted


TV station chief badly wounded in shooting attack in Cali

Reporters Without Borders calls for a thorough investigation into yesterday’s attempted murder of TV journalist Diego Gómez Valverde in the eastern (...)

Published on 20 November 2013 Read


Nationwide indigenous protests threatened by violence, censorship

Reporters Without Borders condemns the violence and other forms of intimidation and censorship being used against a campaign of peaceful (...)

Published on 22 October 2013 Read


Governor’s arrest does not resolve threats to four journalists

Paris, 15 October 2013 Dr. Juan Manuel Santos President of Colombia Mr. Eduardo Montealegre Lynett Prosecutor-General Maj. Gen. Rodolfo (...)

Published on 16 October 2013 Read


Newspaper seller murdered in broad daylight

Reporters Without Borders calls for a full investigation into the murder of the newspaper seller José Darío Arenas, shot dead two days ago as he (...)

Published on 30 September 2013 Read


Lawyer/radio journalist murdered, authorities should not rule out journalism connection

Reporters Without Borders demands a thorough investigation of the murder of lawyer and radio host Édison Alberto Molina in Puerto Berrío, in the (...)

Published on 17 September 2013 Read


Letter to Colombian president urging respect for work of journalists

Reporters Without Borders has registered more than 20 attacks on journalists by both police and demonstrators during a national strike by farm (...)

Published on 22 August 2013 Read


Radio journalist gunned down, full investigation needed

Radio Guadalajara director José Naudín Gómez was murdered in Buga, in the western department of Valle del Cauca, on 29 July, 2013. He was shot in (...)

Published on 1 August 2013 Read


“Statutes of limitations are a tragic guarantee of eternal impunity”

Reporters Without Borders urges Colombia’s authorities and the prosecutor-general in particular to do what is necessary to prevent a 20-year (...)

Published on 25 July 2013 Read

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