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Statute of limitations to apply to six murders of journalists

A 20-year statute of limitations will apply from this weekend to any criminal prosecution for the 1991 murders of El Espectador reporters Julio (...)

Published on 20 April 2011 Read


Paramilitaries threaten 11 journalists and 11 indigenous radio stations – vice-president asked to intercede

Peasant, trade union and indigenous groups and affiliated news media are designated as “permanent military targets” in three leaflets apparently (...)

Published on 6 April 2011 Read


Black Eagles step up threats against journalists and NGOs, authorities slow to react

Reporters Without Borders has obtained a copy of a new message from the “central column” of the Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles) paramilitary group (...)

Published on 21 March 2011 Read


Five journalists declared “military objectives” in “Black Eagles” message

Five journalists and the representatives of several NGOs including the Federation of Colombian Journalists (Fecolper) are directly threatened in (...)

Published on 18 February 2011 Read


Alvaro Uribe settles scores with the press on air as new cases are filed against the ex head of state linked to “Dasgate”

Some 40 people – including Radio Nizkor journalist Claudia Julieta Duque – on 30 November filed complaints against former president Alvaro Uribe (...)

Published on 3 December 2010 Read


Panamanian asylum for former intelligence chief an “insult to DASgate victims”

Reporters Without Borders is outraged to learn that Panama has offered political asylum to María del Pilar Hurtado, a former head of Colombia’s (...)

Published on 22 November 2010 Read


U.S. Congress and Obama Administration urged to examine dark side of Uribe years

Radio Nizkor journalist Claudia Julieta Duque is planning to bring a legal action against former President Alvaro Uribe in connection with the (...)

Published on 28 October 2010 Read


Parliament to question former president about illegal phone-tapping, but threats and sabotage could be ignored

The investigation into illegal telephone-tapping by the Colombian intelligence agency known as the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) (...)

Published on 13 October 2010 Read

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