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Published on Monday 20 December 2010. Updated on Thursday 30 December 2010.
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Support freedom of information

You can make a donation to Reporters Without Borders. Those donations allow the planning and circulation of campaigns to raise awareness and expose violations of press freedom and online free speech worldwide and thus to assert the right of everyone to be informed.

Thanks to these donations, the organization can provide material and targeted aid to individual journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders threatened or imprisoned for trying to provide free and independent news.

Donate to WikiLeaks

It’s been more difficult for WikiLeaks to collect money since US companies Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal have suspended its accounts.

It is now possible to use several ways to make a donation to WikiLeaks:

  • Online Transfer from selected European and UK banks
  • Bank Transfer through Sunshine Press Productions
  • Bank Transfer - tax deductible in Germany via the Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation
  • Credit card payment via Datacell Switzerland ehf
  • Postal Mail

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