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Hearing adjourned

Published on 9 October 2015Read


RSF welcomes the release of six journalists and bloggers in Ethiopia

Ahead of the Third international conference on the financing of development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian authorities have in the past 24 hours (...)

Published on 9 July 2015 Read


Zone9 bloggers 365 days too many in prison

Six bloggers with the Zone 9 Collective and three journalists who were arrested at the same time have just begun their second year in prison (...)

Published on 29 April 2015 Read


Ethiopian government’s witchhunt against privately-owned media

At least six publications have had to close in recent months and around 30 journalists have fled abroad since the start of the year as a result (...)

Published on 7 November 2014 Read


Long jail sentences for three magazine owners

They fled the country before the trial and were convicted in absentia Ethiopia’s federal supreme court yesterday sentenced three magazine owners (...)

Published on 8 October 2014 Read


Nine journalists and bloggers still held arbitrarily

Three journalists and six bloggers who have been held for the past five months were denied bail by a federal court in Addis Ababa yesterday after (...)

Published on 21 August 2014 Read


Ethiopian government to bring criminal charges against six weeklies

Ethiopia’s justice ministry has announced that it is bringing criminal charges ranging from “dissemination of false rumours with the intent of (...)

Published on 12 August 2014 Read


Nine bloggers and journalists held without charge beyond 80-day deadline

Reporters Without Borders was disappointed but not really surprised to learn that the six bloggers and three journalists were not brought before (...)

Published on 15 July 2014 Read


State broadcaster fires 20 journalists for “narrow political views”

The 20 journalists were denied entry to ORTO headquarter on 25 June and were effectively dismissed without any explanations other than their (...)

Published on 30 June 2014 Read

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