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Swedish journalists arrested in Ethiopia after leaving Somalia, Somali journalist threatened with extradition to Ethiopia

Reporters Without Borders condemns the apparent complicity between the Ethiopian authorities and those in Somalia’s semi-autonomous northeastern (...)

Published on 5 July 2011 Read


Two journalists arrested as pressure mounts on privately-owned media

Reporters Without Borders condemns the arrests of two journalists working for privately-owned newspapers in the past few days. The latest victim (...)

Published on 28 June 2011 Read


Newspapers and journalists face threats and legal pressure

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by the steadily worsening climate of harassment and intimidation that the Ethiopian authorities have imposed (...)

Published on 21 March 2011 Read


Reporters Without Borders writes to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Reporters Without Borders wrote yesterday to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi voicing concern about a deterioration in the climate for (...)

Published on 6 May 2010 Read


Weekly forced to stop publishing, its journalists flee abroad

Reporters Without Borders condemns the climate of fear to which Ethiopia’s independent media are currently exposed. The Addis Ababa-based weekly (...)

Published on 4 December 2009 Read


Two journalists get one-year jail terms under obsolete law

Reporters Without Borders is stunned by the one-year jail sentences imposed on two journalists in separate cases brought by the public prosecutor (...)

Published on 4 September 2009 Read


Leading newspaper editor beaten unconscious outside son’s school

Reporters Without Borders condemns a violent attack on leading journalist Amare Aregawi on 31 October in Addis Ababa, in which he sustained (...)

Published on 3 November 2008 Read


Entertainment monthly’s deputy editor freed on bail

Alemayehu Mahtemework, the deputy editor of the entertainment monthly Enku, and the three other people who were arrested at the same time as him (...)

Published on 7 May 2008 Read

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