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Increase in attacks and threats against Italian journalists

In one of the latest examples of intimidation by the Sicilian mafia, Reporters Without Borders “information hero” Giuseppe “Pino” Maniaci, an (...)

Published on 15 December 2014 Read


RWB condemns impunity for police violence against journalists

Lolos had to be hospitalized after being clubbed by a member of the MAT riot police near Syntagma Square in Athens on 5 April 2012. The police (...)

Published on 11 December 2014 Read


Investigative news site ordered to name sources, employees

WikiLeaks’ partner in Bulgaria, received the order in the form of a letter sent by email on 8 December. And today received an (...)

Published on 10 December 2014 Read


RWB reiterates call for fair trial after journalist freed

Alyaksandr Alesin was granted a provisional release today subject to his being available for questioning and not leaving Minsk. The treason (...)

Published on 10 December 2014 Read


Newspaper owner attacks head of Kosovo journalists’ association

The attack took place when Demiri summoned Shabani to his office and tried to get him to sign a document terminating his contract. Shabani (...)

Published on 9 December 2014 Read


Two months preventive detention ordered for Azerbaijani journalist

The Sabail District Court of Baku issued the preventive sentence order on 5 December. Ismayilova, one of the “100 Heros of Information” honoured (...)

Published on 5 December 2014 Read


RWB opposes creation of information ministry

An information ministry has been included in the proposed new government. Its creation, against the backdrop of an information war with Russia, (...)

Published on 2 December 2014 Read


Journalist abducted by police and questioned for two hours

“Karimov’s abduction by the very people who are supposed to ensure respect for public order is deeply shocking,” said Johann Bihr, the head of the (...)

Published on 28 November 2014 Read

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