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European union

Google is not a legitimate arbiter

How do you strike a balance between protection of privacy and the right to information? This is the question that search engines such as Google, (...)

Published on 26 September 2014 Read


Assange completes second year in Ecuadorean embassy in London

There has been no sign of any resolution of the legal and diplomatic tangle surrounding Assange in the past two years. Shortly after WikiLeaks (...)

Published on 19 June 2014 Read

European union

EU court enshrines “right to be forgotten” in Spanish case against Google

The CJEU has ruled that search engines must delete links from their results if requested by individuals on the grounds that it violates their (...)

Published on 14 May 2014 Read


Massive eavesdropping in Europe: international NGOs urge the Assembly to support the resolution

The resolution calls on member states to regulate and effectively oversee the secret services and special procedures and to pass legislative (...)

Published on 29 August 2013 Read

European union

Why European nations must protect Edward Snowden

On October 12, 2012, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for contributing to the “advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and (...)

Published on 3 July 2013 Read


EU: Enact Controls on Digital Weapons Trade

Unregulated Export of Powerful Surveillance Tools Threatens Internet Freedom (Brussels, December 11, 2012) – The European Union should enact new (...)

Published on 11 December 2012 Read

European union

In victory for online free expression, European Parliament rejects ACTA

Reporters Without Borders hails the European Parliament’s rejection of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) today by 478 votes to 39. (...)

Published on 4 July 2012 Read

European union

INTA adopted its final recommendation: The European Parliament must reject ACTA!

By 19 votes to 12, the members of the International Trade (INTA) committee of the EU Parliament adopted on 12 June its voting recommendation and (...)

Published on 21 June 2012 Read

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