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Provincial radio station resumes broadcasting after five days

Reporters Without Borders is relieved to learn that Liberté FM, a radio station based in the southeastern city of N’Zérékoré, has resumed broadcasting (...)

Published on 24 July 2013 Read


"You journalists talk too much. You are spies, we are going to tear you apart”

Reporters Without Borders is very worried about a decline in security for news providers in the Guinean capital of Conakry during the past two (...)

Published on 11 June 2013 Read


Regulator acts outside law by closing radio station for one month

Reporters Without Borders urges the National Communication Council (CNC), Guinea’s media regulator, to immediately rescind the outrageous order it (...)

Published on 3 June 2013 Read


Regulator sanctions two privately-owned radio stations over popular programmes

Reporters Without Borders is disturbed and disappointed to learn that the National Communication Council (CNC) has temporarily suspended a (...)

Published on 17 December 2012 Read


“Turning the page” – report on hopes for media freedom in Niger and Guinea

Reporters Without Borders is today releasing a report on media freedom in two countries where the political situation is still fragile after (...)

Published on 28 July 2011 Read


In Conakry, Reporters Without Borders urges authorities to implement 2010 press laws

Reporters Without Borders is ending a five-day visit to Conakry today by giving a news conference at the Conakry Press Club to present its (...)

Published on 27 May 2011 Read


News media prevented from working by post-election violence

Reporters Without Borders appeals for calm and respect for the media after a week in which most journalists in the capital, Conakry, have been (...)

Published on 19 November 2010 Read


Authorities promulgate two new progressive media laws

Reporters Without Borders hails the enshrinement of the principle of press freedom in Guinea’s new constitution and the promulgation of two new (...)

Published on 1 July 2010 Read

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