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Media Operations Centre gets backing from Haitian government

Haiti’s culture and communications minister, Marie-Laurence Jocelyn-Lassègue, has given her support for the Media Operations Centre installed in (...)

Published on 21 January 2010 Read


Radio stations getting back on the air in Port-au-Prince

“Work is slowly resuming at Radio Métropole,” one of its young reporters, Gaby Saget, told us. “Most of the staff were not hurt in the earthquake but (...)

Published on 20 January 2010 Read


Emergency centre of operations for journalists nearly ready, but will need broader help to keep going in mid-term

Reporters Without Borders and the Canadian media group Quebecor are in the process of installing an emergency centre of operations for Haitian (...)

Published on 20 January 2010 Read


Reporters Without Borders to create centre of operations for Haitian journalists

It is impossible to locate survivors, organise relief and distribute aid without reliable news and information being relayed by functioning news (...)

Published on 15 January 2010 Read


Seven years after radio journalist’s murder, convicted killers still at large

Justice has still not been fully rendered in the case of Brignol Lindor, a young radio journalist who was murdered in a particularly barbaric (...)

Published on 3 December 2008 Read


Finger pointed at US interposition force in the 2004 death of journalist Ricardo Ortega

An official Haitian investigation has officially blamed the foreign interposition force present in Haiti after the ouster of President (...)

Published on 13 May 2008 Read


Responses from Sen. Rudolph Boulos and Harold Sévère to Reporters Without Borders release on Jean Dominique murder

Reporters Without Borders received the following responses from Senate vice-president Rudolph Boulos and Harold Sévère to its press release about (...)

Published on 11 April 2008 Read


Victory over impunity “within reach” in Lindor murder after seven are convicted in absentia

Reporters Without Borders hopes the authorities will quickly arrest the seven people who were convicted in absentia on 23 January of the 2001 (...)

Published on 25 January 2008 Read

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