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Help Iranian Reporters

Help Iranian Reporters

Published on Saturday 8 May 2010. Updated on Wednesday 5 January 2011.
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You can make a donation through PayPal and your money will be used to help Iranian reporters.

In November 2009, Reporters Without Borders began a major assistance programme for Iranian journalists and netizens who have fled their country since President Ahmadinejad’s disputed reelection and the ensuing unprecedented crackdown on the press. Reporters Without Borders has supported more than 30 visa applications and granted 55 requests for financial assistance. RSf defended the case of more than 80 journalists in exile.

With the support of then European Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot, Reporters Without Borders launched a campaign in 2009 to get various European governments to issue humanitarian visas to journalists seeking refuge. So far, only France has agreed to take Iranian journalists and human rights activists under emergency procedures.

The report we are now releasing details the activities that Reporters Without Borders has undertaken for Iranian journalists since November 2009.


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