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Demonstration in Paris on third anniversary of coup

Three years have passed since President Manuel Zelaya’s ouster in a coup d’état on 28 June 2009, which not only overturned democratic institutions (...)

Published on 28 June 2012 Read


Unprecedented wave of arrests in radio journalist’s murder

Five alleged members of a gang suspected of abducting and murdering radio HRN journalist Alfredo Villatoro were arrested in a police raid in (...)

Published on 29 May 2012 Read


Kidnapped radio journalist Alfredo Villatoro found shot dead

Radio journalist Alfredo Villatoro, kidnapped on his way to work last week, was found dead yesterday on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa six days (...)

Published on 16 May 2012 Read


Attacks and threats aimed at provincial media reach alarming level

After the recent wave of threats suffered by the journalist and rights activist Dina Meza, further attacks and threats aimed at media workers in (...)

Published on 4 May 2012 Read


Journalist and human rights activist Dina Meza threatened again

Reporters Without Borders is appalled by the threats received by journalist and human rights activist Dina Meza, the latest in a long list of (...)

Published on 27 April 2012 Read


Regional radio journalist murdered by assailant with machete

Fausto Elio Hernández, 54, the presenter of the news programme “La Voz de la Notícia” on Radio Alegre de Colón, was hacked to death yesterday in Sabá, (...)

Published on 12 March 2012 Read


Women journalists terrorized, peasant spokesman gunned down in Aguán

Gilda Silvestrucci (photo) has become the latest member of the “Journalists for Life and Free Expression” collective to get threatening phone (...)

Published on 24 January 2012 Read


Lawyer gunned down after reporting police abuses to the media

The lawyer Ricardo Rosales was murdered two days ago, three days after he was quoted in the newspaper Diario Tiempo as accusing police officers (...)

Published on 19 January 2012 Read

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