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La Ceiba TV reporter is second journalist murdered in Honduras in two months

Reporters Without Borders condemns local TV reporter Adan Benítez’s murder in the northern port city of La Ceiba (the capital of Atlántida (...)

Published on 7 July 2011 Read


Community radio stations still denied access to air-waves

Did Honduras’ readmission to the Organization of American States mark the end of the sinister interlude that began with the coup d’état exactly two (...)

Published on 28 June 2011 Read


Concern about future of civil liberties, human rights after OAS readmits Honduras

The Latin America and Caribbean division of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-ALC) and Reporters Without Borders were (...)

Published on 7 June 2011 Read


Local TV journalist gunned down in north, motive almost certainly linked to work

Reporters Without Borders condemns the murder of Héctor Francisco Medina Polanco, 35, the host of a news programme on provincial TV station Omega (...)

Published on 12 May 2011 Read


More attacks on opposition media in San Pedro Sula

The attempt to ambush a radio station director in San Pedro Sula on 27 April has been followed by other attacks on opposition journalists in the (...)

Published on 9 May 2011 Read


Community radio stations still fighting to survive

Unidentified arsonists set fire to the home of Teresa Reyes and Radio Faluma Bimetu director Alfredo López at midnight on 7 April, in the latest (...)

Published on 13 April 2011 Read


Joint appeal for end to persecution of community and opposition media

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters for Latin America and Caribbean (AMARC-ALC) and Reporters Without Borders appeal again for (...)

Published on 1 April 2011 Read


Two journalists attacked, injured by police while covering teachers’ protest

As teachers continue to strike and protest in several of the country’s cities, a TV crew with opposition station Canal 36-Cholusat Sur said it was (...)

Published on 28 March 2011 Read

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