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News media and Internet totally censored in Kashmir

Reporters Without Borders condemns the government’s suppression of all news outlets – including TV news channels, newspapers and mobile Internet (...)

Published on 12 February 2013 Read


Police target journalists covering street demonstrations

Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns the targeted attacks by police on journalists that have occurred during a continuing wave of angry (...)

Published on 27 December 2012 Read


Sedition charges dropped against cartoonist

The government of the western state of Maharashtra today withdrew the sedition charges it had brought against the well-known cartoonist Aseem (...)

Published on 12 October 2012 Read


Police beat and arrest reporter covering protest in Srinagar

Reporters Without Borders reiterates its alarm about the growing threats to journalists in India after Azhar Qadri, a reporter for the (...)

Published on 28 September 2012 Read


Demonstrators turn on journalists during protests

Reporters Without Borders deplores the threats and violence against journalists during demonstrations that the All Assam Minority Students Union (...)

Published on 5 September 2012 Read


Internet censorship in response to communal violence and rumours

Reporters Without Borders is very disturbed by the Indian government’s disproportionate and inappropriate censorship of the Internet in response (...)

Published on 29 August 2012 Read


Indian minister asked for progress report on journalist’s murder

Reporters Without Borders wrote today to the Indian home affairs minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, requesting information about the status of the (...)

Published on 23 August 2012 Read


Phone services cut for four hours in Kashmir Valley

Reporters Without Borders reiterates its condemnation of India’s readiness to restrict freedom of information, seen again when telecommunications (...)

Published on 21 August 2012 Read

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