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Insurance for freelance journalists

Insurance for freelance journalists

Published on Tuesday 17 April 2007. Updated on Tuesday 18 September 2012.
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Mission Insurance Agreement for Freelance Reporters and Journalists Reporters Without Borders is offering freelance reporters the opportunity to take out an insurance policy through them. Too often, reporters are assigned to cover conflicts – in increasing number – without insurance. Exorbitant costs and a lack of information are the main reasons. Reporters Without Borders signed an agreement with April International Canada (formerly Escapade Travel Insurance) to offer competitively-priced coverage to freelance reporters.

Since Reporters Without Borders has been offering this program, in late 2002, almost 400 freelance journalists have purchased an insurance policy with Reporters Without Borders, notably to go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan.

The policies provide two different plans which apply:

- 24/7,
- for any work assignment, short or long term (from a few days up to 12 months, see the details of these solutions at Appendix 3).

- Solution 1,  “Essential Plan”:

For a cost of € 2.71 a day, it provides assistance coverage in medical emergencies. An extra premium of € 11 is charged for high-risk countries. War risks are covered everywhere.

-Solution 2, “Extended Plan”:

The cost varies depending on the destination, but as compared to solution 1, it provides the following additional benefits:

  • coverage of preexisting conditions (asthma, heart problems…) if complications from such conditions occur during your assignment;
  • coverage of embedded missions with military or governmental units;
  • possibility of getting a cash benefit in the event of accidental death or dismemberment during a work assignment.

Membership with Reporters Without Borders is mandatory to purchase insurance through the organization. This insurance is valid for journalists of any nationality traveling outside their country of habitual residence. To purchase insurance with Reporters Without Borders and/or request a quote, write to or

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