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An Open Letter to the Members of the Wassenaar Arrangement

We, the undersigned organisations, call upon the 41 Governments that compose the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms (...)

Published on 2 December 2014 Read


EU catches up, takes steps to control export of intrusion spyware, IP monitoring

These important steps demonstrate that policymakers are beginning to wake up to the real harm that exists in an industry that has previously (...)

Published on 7 November 2014 Read


RWB hails Vietnamese journalist Dieu Cay’s release

The Vietnamese authorities confirmed this afternoon that Dieu Cay, who had been held since 19 April 2008, was taken to Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport and (...)

Published on 21 October 2014 Read


Twelve arrested over mobile phone message content

WhatsApp, Viber and Tango “The intelligence services [will go after] people who circulate insulting comments about Ayatollah Khomeini online,” (...)

Published on 9 October 2014 Read

European union

Recommendations on the right to be forgotten By La Quadrature du Net and Reporters Without Borders

The European Union Court of Justice ruling of 13 May 2014 on a case brought by Google Spain highlighted the problems for the protection of (...)

Published on 26 September 2014 Read

European union

Google is not a legitimate arbiter

How do you strike a balance between protection of privacy and the right to information? This is the question that search engines such as Google, (...)

Published on 26 September 2014 Read


Cartoonist and RWB back embattled Singaporean blogger

Appealing for support for Roy Ngerng, a blogger being sued by Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, Reporters Without Borders is posting a (...)

Published on 16 September 2014 Read


UN panel - surveillance of communications and the threat to journalists

Reporters Without Borders, which has prepared an oral statement for the Human Rights Council on the safety of journalists and surveillance (see (...)

Published on 11 September 2014 Read

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