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Published on Friday 17 July 2015. Updated on Tuesday 3 November 2015.
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Data journalist, World Press Freedom Index project chief

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is recruiting a data journalist to be its “World Press Freedom Index project chief,” to be in charge of compiling the index, developing its network of questionnaire respondents, publishing the index and disseminating it.

The project chief must have a qualification in statistics or substantial experience in this field and in polling methods, because he/she is responsible for the index’s entire production process, from start to finish, and participates in RSF’s work of gathering and publishing data about media freedom violations.

Working under the supervision of RSF’s programme and editorial director, the project chief is expected to propose ways to improve and develop the index.

RSF, which promotes and defends freedom of information worldwide, has been publishing its annual World Press Freedom Index since 2002. The index is regarded as the leading benchmark in this domain.


• To be responsible for preparing and compiling the index’s ranking of 180 countries and to manage the index’s visual interface in coordination with an external contractor.

• To help implement RSF’s strategic choices as regards the index’s methodology so that the criteria measured are in perfect alignment with RSF’s priorities.

• To help RSF to enhance the effect of its advocacy by improving interpretation of the data it gathers about media freedom violations.

• To write analyses, articles and dispatches based on the data provided by the index.

• To respond to external requests about the index, especially from academics and institutions, and to give interviews about the index’s methodology.

• To be in charge of disseminating the index and evaluating its impact.

• To deploy and manage the RSF-hosted platform where information from the monitoring of media freedom violations is posted.

• To produce website presentations on the basis if the data gathered.

• To do narrative reporting.

Profile and skills

• Journalism and project management experience

• Command of database, scale and index construction

• Familiarity with the bases of data mining (scoring, segmentation, association etc)

• Complete command of Excel. Practical experience with VBA, R and LimeSurvey.

• Some knowledge of CSS/HTML.

• Familiarity with the Mac environment

• Ability to synthesize and analyse

• Excellent writing skills

• Energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and a strong sense of responsibility are essential qualities, as well as an ability to work well as part of a team.

• Bilingual in French and English (this is essential)

• Strong sympathy for the cause defended by RSF

Position to be filled as soon as possible

Applications (CV and accompanying letter) should be sent by email only to

Salary to be negotiated, in accordance with experience.

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) is recruiting a campaign officer

A member of the editorial unit and reporting to the programme director, the campaign officer develops strategies and carries out advocacy actions related to RSF’s activities and priorities.

To this end, the campaign officer:

• Develops specific advocacy strategies at the local, regional and/or international level for issues and cases defined as priorities.

• Helps writers and regional desk officers to adapt advocacy strategy to context, and helps project officers to implement defined strategies.

• Monitors international agendas, especially those of international bodies such as the UN and Council of Europe, as regards issues relating to freedom of information.

• Helps draft documents (including articles, op-ed pieces, press releases, position papers, briefings and political analyses) for internal and external use.

• Participates in the regular monitoring of field visits that implement advocacy strategies.

• Together with the administration department, develops the tools needed for the best possible implementation of advocacy activities and for the best possible monitoring and evaluation of these activities and their impact.


This position requires:

  • At least five years of work experience, ideally in the fields of advocacy and journalism.
  • Excellent knowledge of the media, sound knowledge of geopolitical matters and awareness of issues relating to fundamental freedoms and freedom of expression.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Ability to act as RSF’s representative with officials and to give interviews to local and national media.
  • Attention to detail, self-reliance and resourcefulness are essential qualities for this post, as well as an ability to work as part of a team.
  • Bilingual in French and English. Command of a third language would be an advantage.

Open-ended contract.

Salary to be negotiated, in accordance with experience.

Position based in Paris, to be filled as soon as possible.

Applications (CV and accompanying letter in French or English) should be sent by email only to - Subject: “Campaign officer.” Applicants are kindly asked not to make follow-up phone calls after submitting their applications.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is recruting the Head of its EU Office

Reporting to the programme director of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), based in Brussels, the RSF Head of the EU office is responsible for:

  • RSF’s media freedom monitoring and advocacy in the countries of the European Union and Balkans
  • Implementing and developing RSF’s advocacy and lobbying strategies with European institutions for defending freedom of information and its actors worldwide.

To this end, he/she carries out the following activities:

As part of the media freedom monitoring and advocacy within the countries of the European Union and Balkans, he/she:

  • Gathers information about freedom of information in the countries concerned
  • Develops RSF’s local contacts (correspondents, local organizations, journalists, institutional contacts and so on)
  • Drafts frequent press releases, articles and reports
  • Ensures implementation of activities that are part of projects involving the countries of the geographic region for which he/she is responsible, above all the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom
  • Implements advocacy activities and campaigns aimed at raising the awareness of officials, international organizations, and local and international media
  • Carries out field investigations
  • Intercedes in activities in support of journalists and media outlets in the region, in coordination with RSF’s Assistance Desk. As part of the lobbying of European institutions, he/she: 
  • Develops RSF’s network of contacts within European institutions with a view to establishing lasting and constructive relations
  • Monitors initiatives and discussions within institutions that affect freedom of information
  • Ensures implementation of RSF advocacy strategy and monitoring of the specified indicators
  • Contributes to the development of RSF’s resources by maintaining and extending contacts with the European Commission and other relevant European donors
  • Represents RSF in its relations with European Union entities by speaking on behalf of RSF at hearings or press conferences and by giving interviews to news media covering

EU activities

  • Organizes visits and interventions in Brussels by RSF staff, or by journalists or freedom of information activists invited by RSF
  • Handles the day-to-day running of the Brussels bureau, and its administrative and financial management.


Experience in institutional advocacy and lobbying. Excellent knowledge of European institutions and awareness of free speech and fundamental freedom issues. Excellent writing skills and very good knowledge of the countries of the European Union and Balkans. Ability to act as RSF’s representative with officials and to give interviews to local and national media. Attention to detail, self-reliance and resourcefulness are essential qualities for this post, as well as an ability to work as part of a team. Bilingual in French and English. Level and pay to be negotiated, in accordance with experience. Position based in Brussels, to be filled as soon as possible. Applications (CV and covering letter in French or English) by email only to:

Internship positions available / Spring & Fall semesters in Washington, DC

The Reporters Without Borders Washington DC Internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the role of press freedom and human rights in the United States and abroad.

Responsibilities include drafting press releases, planning events, managing the contacts database, animating the US university chapters network and assisting the Washington team in research and advocacy.

Interns must be available for at least three days of the week.

Send your resume and cover letter to [] with 2-3 writing samples.

Excellent writing skills are required.

French knowledge is a plus.

Successful candidates will be self-starters who are adept at multitasking. Interns should work well under pressure and still pay strict attention to details, be resourceful and creative in responding to requests.




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