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Car-bomb maims satellite TV station's public relations chief

Car-bomb maims satellite TV station’s public relations chief

Published on Tuesday 13 April 2010. Updated on Thursday 15 April 2010.
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Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the targeted car-bombing in which journalist Omar Ibrahim Al-Jabouri, the satellite TV station Al-Rasheed’s head of public relations, lost both of his legs today in Baghdad.

“This deliberate attack is unacceptable,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We call on the authorities to do everything possible to shed light on the motives for this targeted bombing against a journalist. Those responsible must be brought to justice. We have been reminded yet again of the dangers to which the media are constantly exposed in Iraq.”

A total of 3 people were seriously injured when the bomb, attached to the underside of Al-Jabouri’s car, exploded as he set off this morning for work with two neighbours in Micanic, in the south Baghdad suburb of Doura. Al-Jabouri survived the blast, which ripped off both of his legs.

“He was rushed to hospital but is still unconscious,” a fellow journalist told Reporters Without Borders.

Many journalists have been injured in bombings in the past few weeks. In a press release on 8 April, Reporters Without Borders urged the Iraqi parliament to begin examining a bill for the protection of journalists (,36963.html).




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