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Italian authorities urged to give journalists more protection

Despite having police protection, Mimmo Carrieri was attacked on 5 July while Nello Trocchia is still awaiting police protection although he was (...)

Published on 29 July 2015 Read


Increase in attacks and threats against Italian journalists

In one of the latest examples of intimidation by the Sicilian mafia, Reporters Without Borders “information hero” Giuseppe “Pino” Maniaci, an (...)

Published on 15 December 2014 Read


Reporter’s car is chased and rammed while he is guarded by police

A reporter for the newsweekly L’Espresso and an information heroe for Reporters Without Borders, Abbate has had police protection since 2007 (...)

Published on 19 November 2014 Read


Reporter threatened after helping to dismantle Hong Kong ring

A self-styled “truth seeker” based in Slovakia who edits the online newspaper “La Voce,” Papaleo specializes in investigating organized crime and has (...)

Published on 23 June 2014 Read


New call for defamation to be decriminalized

Reporters Without Borders hails the Italian Senate’s rejection on 26 November of the repressive amendment to the law on press offences, approved (...)

Published on 28 November 2012 Read


Prison for press law violation in EU founding member

Leggere in Italiano Reporters Without Borders denounces as outrageous the sentencing of an Italian journalist to 14 months in prison on a libel (...)

Published on 27 September 2012 Read


Investigative reporters and websites again threatened by proposed “gag law”

Leggere in Italiano Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the resumption of parliamentary discussion of a government bill that would curb (...)

Published on 7 October 2011 Read


Italian agency to review Internet filtering project

Reporters Without Borders hails the telecommunications agency AGCOM’s decision to review its proposed resolution on online copyright protection (...)

Published on 7 July 2011 Read

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