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Kareem Amer

Published on Thursday 1 April 2010. Updated on Thursday 6 January 2011.
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Abdel Kareem Nabil Suleiman is better known as Kareem Amer is a 25-year old Egyptian blogger, social activists and student. After he criticised his professors in 2005, however, he was expelled from the Islamic University of al-Azhar. Amer had warned that the professor’s authority would be ended and the Egyptian government would finish “in the dustbin of history”.

Trial and Sentencing

In 2005, anti-religious articles on his blog landed Amer in prison for thirteen days. Shortly thereafter he was arrested again on November 6th 2006, for posting articles critical of Islam on his blog. He was charged for allegedly circulating rumours liable to disturb the peace, defaming the president, inciting the regime’s overthrow, inciting hatred of Islam and circulating ideas prejudicial to Egypt’s reputation. In February 2007 the young man was sentenced to three years in prison for "inciting hatred of Islam" and "insulting" President Hosni Mubarak. In prison, the young man has been denied visits by his lawyer for no official reason and, in December, requested a court appeal for mistrial.

In March 2007, RWB allied with well-known bloggers living in France to protest Amer’s arrest at the world tourism trade fair in Paris. The protesters attached “censored” computer mice to the stand, brandished photos of the detained blogger and unfurled banners that read “Egypt = Internet enemy.”

Since his arrest, Amer has become the symbol of online repression in Egypt and every November, on the day of his sentencing, supporters from all over the world rally to ask for his release.

He was finally set free on the evening of 15 November, 10 days after completing a four-year jail sentence, and is now reunited with his family. He has decided for the time being to make no statement.

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