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Trial of Mohamed al-Jassem adjourned

Trial of Mohamed al-Jassem adjourned

Published on Wednesday 22 September 2010.
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Kuwait City’s criminal court decided on 20 September to adjourn until 18 October the trial of journalist and writer Mohamed Abdel Qader al-Jassem on a suit brought against him by Kuwaiti minister, Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad.

The court thus accepted a defence request that it interview the emir’s son about the reasons for his complaint.

The minister, son of the emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, and Minister of the Ruler’s Court brought a case against the journalist for “attacking the standing of the Emir” in articles critical of government policy that were posted on his blog (

The court yesterday also agreed to adjourn until 12 October a case brought against the same journalist by the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohamed, for insulting him and “inciting the overthrow of the regime”. This suit related to public criticism made by the journalist at a seminar, on 21 October 2009 in a speech entitled, “Who is responsible for the bad management of the country: the government or the council?

The case was one of a total of four the prime minister brought against him. Abdel Qader al-Jassem was acquitted in two of them and a fourth is due to go to trial on 27 September.

The journalist and writer has also had 11 cases brought against him by businessman Mahmoud Haydar, the newspaper al-Dar and al-Adliya television. He was cleared in six cases and four are ongoing.

Mohamed Abdel Qader al-Jassem has twice served prison sentences: 12 days in November 2009 and 49 days in May and June 2010. He was released on bail on 28 June 2010.




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