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Police violence


Special Tribunal for Lebanon puts journalist and TV station on trial

Created to investigate Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination in 2005, the STL accuses Karma Khayat and her Arabic-language TV news (...)

Published on 21 April 2015 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Disappeared, kidnapped journalists

Disappeared, kidnapped journalists On 8 September 2014 AFRICA Kenya: Dickson Bokongo Bosire, Jackal News - 06/09/2013 AMERICAS Mexico: (...)

Published on 8 September 2014 Read


Legal harassment and harsh verdicts for media and information providers

Reporters Without Borders expresses concern over recent verdicts against journalists and media organizations by the country’s publications court. (...)

Published on 20 March 2014 Read


Judicial confusion continues to threat freedom of information

Reporters Without Borders and the Swiss-based human rights NGO Alkarama deplore the two-week jail sentence that a Beirut military court passed on (...)

Published on 11 December 2013 Read


Military court sentences reporter in absentia to six months in prison

Reporters Without Borders and the Swiss-based human rights NGO Alkarama condemn the six-month jail sentence that Lebanese journalist Rami Aysha (...)

Published on 6 December 2013 Read


Military court to try investigative reporter

Read in Arabic (بالعربية) Reporters Without Borders is very worried by the fact that the Lebanese journalist Rami Aysha to be tried by court martial in (...)

Published on 5 February 2013 Read


Freed from detention but still facing charges

Read in Arabic (بالعربية) Rami Aysha, a correspondent for major international media including Time Magazine, Spiegel Online and GlobalPost, was tortured (...)

Published on 2 October 2012 Read


Lebanese TV cameraman shot dead on Syrian border

Reporters Without Borders is deeply saddened to learn that Ali Shaaban, a cameraman working for the Lebanese TV station Al-Jadeed, was killed (...)

Published on 11 April 2012 Read

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