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Published on Friday 5 June 2009. Updated on Monday 19 November 2012.
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With your gift, you can guarantee us what is most vital to an organisation defending human rights: independence.

Donations to Reporters Without Borders are vital because they allow the planning and circulation of campaigns to raise awareness and expose violations of press freedom worldwide and thus to assert the right of everyone to be informed.

These donations are also crucial because they allow us to provide material and targeted aid to individual journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders threatened or imprisoned for trying to provide free and independent news.

Your donation can also help pay for a lawyer to take charge of the defence of a journalist facing unfair accusations, provide equipment to a media whose premises have been ransacked, organise a place of refuge, or allow journalists seriously injured in an assault to receive appropriate medical care.

For further details about help provided to journalists and recent instances of practical help, you can go the rubric, click here.

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