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Published on Tuesday 5 July 2011. Updated on Monday 14 November 2011.
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Help Defend Freedom of Information

One in 2 persons in the world do not have access to free information. As a global leader, the United States plays a major role in spreading freedom, democracy and a free press worldwide. That’s why Reporters Without Borders works with the US media, political leaders, nonprofits - and you - to further press freedom.

Knowing what happens in the world is more important today than ever before. To grapple with and decide how to respond to political strife, wars, injustices and crises, we have to be informed. How would we know what is going in the world if not for reporters? Every society - to be free - needs a press who reports the truth.

Help Reporters Without Borders defend press freedom with your contribution today. Your contribution will:

  • Provide assistance grants to journalists and media in distress; help to fund medical bills; purchase equipment for radio and TV stations; provide legal defense for media unjustly sued or prosecuted; support families when a journalist is imprisoned or killed.
  • Help demand accountability in Washington, DC, the EU and UN, pushing for legislation that better defends journalists and the press, and pressuring the authorities to hold violators of press freedom to account.
  • Inform the world of press freedom violations by supporting the work that goes into our constantly updated website, and creating press releases, reports, and demonstrations to draw attention to these crimes.

Too often, reporters are jailed, threatened, harassed, beaten or otherwise censored for doing their jobs: defending your right to be informed. Some even pay with their lives. You can help insure their defense, safety and their perpetrators are held accountable by contributing to the mission of Reporters Without Borders today.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Reporters Without Borders USA, a non-profit 501c3 status association :

  • Send a check at this address

Reporters Without Borders USA

Southern Railway Building

1500 K street N.W - # 600

Washington DC, 20005

If you have any question, please contact us by email or by phone at +1 (202) 879 - 9295.




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