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Presidential election campaign being covered fairly by public media

After its second week of monitoring domestic coverage of Mauritania’s presidential election, Reporters Without Borders today said it was pleased (...)

Published on 14 March 2007 Read


First week of monitoring public media during election campaign shows relatively fair coverage but adjustments needed

After its first week of monitoring media coverage of Mauritania’s election, Reporters Without Borders today said it was pleased to report that the (...)

Published on 6 March 2007 Read


”We don’t want to deny anything, we are going to kill you” - say editor’s assailants sent by clan figure in ousted regime

Reporters Without Borders condemned an attack on Khalil Ould Jdoud, editor of the Arabic-language daily Al Akhbar on 15 February 2006 which began (...)

Published on 17 February 2006 Read


Military leader keeps promise to let RFI resume FM broadcasts

Reporters Without Borders today welcomed the resumption of FM broadcasts by Radio France Internationale (RFI) in Nouakchott after a ban imposed (...)

Published on 9 December 2005 Read


Twelve press freedom recommendations for month-old military junta

A month after a junta calling itself the Military Council for Justice and Democracy seized power in Mauritania and promised to reestablish (...)

Published on 2 September 2005 Read


Journalist who was detained in anti-Islamist raid is freed after three days

Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ebilmaali, the editor of the independent daily Akhbar Nouakchott, was freed on 21 May after being held for three days. (...)

Published on 23 May 2005 Read


French fortnightly missing from news stands for the past month

Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today that the French fortnightly Afrique Education appears to have been the victim of indirect (...)

Published on 29 December 2003 Read


Reporters Without Borders appeals to presidential candidates

Dear candidates: As the 7 November presidential election approaches, the worldwide press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders calls (...)

Published on 31 October 2003 Read

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