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Moldova: Where is it? What is it?

Official name: Republic of Moldova Area: 33,700 sq km Population: 4.3 million (Moldovans: 64 per cent; Ukrainians: 14 per cent; Russians: 13 (...)

Published on 18 May 2010 Read


Transnistrian authorities trying to break journalist held on spying charge

The wife of Ernest Vardanean, a journalist who has been detained in Tiraspol, the capital of the breakaway region of Transnistria, on charges of (...)

Published on 7 May 2010 Read


Privately-owned TV station being harassed in run-up to parliamentary elections

Reporters Without Borders condemns a raid on the privately-owned TV station Albasat on 25 February by three interior ministry agents, who roughed (...)

Published on 6 March 2009 Read


Concern about government harassment of independent news media

Reporters Without Borders is worried about repeated harassment of journalists and news media in the past two months by the Moldovan authorities. (...)

Published on 29 May 2008 Read


Court freezes newspaper’s accounts in connection with libel action

Reporters Without Borders deplores a Chisinau court’s decision to freeze the bank accounts of the Jurnal de Chisinau newspaper in connection with (...)

Published on 2 May 2008 Read


Appeal court upholds Moldovan youth’s acquittal of murdering journalist in Moscow

An appeal court in the Moldovan city of Balti issued a ruling on 2 April confirming the acquittal of Igor Velchev, a young Moldovan, on charges (...)

Published on 4 April 2008 Read


Press freedom at half-mast on Independence Day

As Moldova prepares to celebrate its Independence Day on 27 August, Reporters Without Borders points out that this year has been marked by many (...)

Published on 24 August 2007 Read


Leading sports journalist attacked, left unconscious

Reporters Without Borders voiced deep concern today about a physical attack on sports journalist Ion Robu of the independent news agency BASA, (...)

Published on 22 March 2006 Read

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