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Threatening messages


Newspaper editor’s convicted murderer is behind bars again

Reporters Without Borders is relieved to learn that Anibal Dos Santos Junior, also known as Anibalzinho, the fugitive killer of investigative (...)

Published on 27 August 2009 Read


Provincial governor makes death threats against journalist

Reporters Without Borders has voiced its deep concern after a provincial governor made public death threats against Bernardo Carlos, a journalist (...)

Published on 27 March 2009 Read


Contrary to reports, killer of journalist Carlos Cardoso still on the run

Contrary to initial claims by the Mozambican police, Aníbal “Anibalzinho” António dos Santos Junior, the convicted killer of journalist Carlos (...)

Published on 16 December 2008 Read


Son of former head of state charged in Cardoso murder case

Reporters Without Borders welcomed as an “important signal” the decision to put Nyimpine Chissano, older son of ex Mozambican president, Joachim (...)

Published on 12 May 2006 Read


Three provincial journalists freed after being held illegally for a week

Sebastião Canjera, the editor of the privately-owned newspaper Mabarwe, João Mascarenhas, his news editor, and Patreque Francisco, one of his (...)

Published on 11 May 2006 Read


Journalist’s killer gets 30-year prison sentence but mysteries remain

Reporters Without Borders welcomed the 30-year jail sentence passed today on Anibal Antonio dos Santos Junior (“Anibalzinho”), for leading the (...)

Published on 20 January 2006 Read


TV journalist briefly kidnapped, threatened with same fate as journalist killed in 2000

Reporters Without Borders called on the Mozambican authorities today to protect Jeremias Langa, the news director of the privately-owned (...)

Published on 1 February 2005 Read


Canada extradites one of newspaper editor’s killers to Mozambique

Reporters Without Borders today welcomed Canada’s extradition to Mozambique of one of the convicted killers of Carlos Cardoso, the editor of the (...)

Published on 25 January 2005 Read

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