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Nature: 100 photographs for press freedom

Nature: 100 photographs for press freedom

Published on Thursday 10 September 2009.
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A free press is essential to protect the environment. This is why Reporters Without Borders joined with the Minden Pictures agency to offer you this photography book. These 100 photos bear witness to our planet’s beauty. They show a world throbbing with life, yet delicate and fragile. They testify to its vitality and force, but also its vulnerability to the attacks being made against it.

Many journalists take risks to make us aware of environmental issues. It is vital that they should continue to do so, despite the pressure brought to bear on them. We must help them. This book is dedicated to them.

Reporters Without Borders has been fighting for nearly 25 years to protect the rights of journalists who expose what ails our societies. Support our work by buying “100 Nature Photos for Press Freedom.” On sale in France from 17 September for €9.90.




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