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Nuevo Diario reporter and her family threatened in polarized pre-election climate

Reporters Without Borders voices its support for Silvia González, the national daily El Nuevo Diario’s correspondent in the northern city of (...)

Published on 12 August 2011 Read


Newspaper threatened and harassed after stories about corruption

The Managua-based daily El Nuevo Diario has been under pressure since the start of the year. One of its reporters, Luis Galeano, has received (...)

Published on 22 February 2011 Read


Reporters Without Borders writes to president Daniel Ortega about poor state of public fredoms

Mr. Daniel Ortega Saavedra President Managua, Nicaragua Dear Mr President, Reporters Without Borders, a worldwide organisation that defends (...)

Published on 21 October 2008 Read


Political and judicial harassment of NGOs threatens freedom of expression and association

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns a newly-launched interior ministry investigation into 17 non-governmental organisations for alleged (...)

Published on 10 October 2008 Read


Adolfo Olivas Olivas’ presumed killer placed in custody

Taxi driver Santos Roberto Osegueda, who surrendered himself to the police on 17 August, was placed formally placed in custody on 19 August after (...)

Published on 22 August 2005 Read


Ex-mayor found guilty of deliberately shooting journalist María José Bravo

Eugenio Hernández, the former mayor of El Ayote, was convicted at the end of 20-hour trial yesterday of deliberately killing journalist María José (...)

Published on 28 January 2005 Read


Two acquitted of complicity in murder of journalist Carlos Guadamuz

Judge Rafaela Urroz on 14 May acquitted Yadira Margarita Membreño, wife of the murderer, and Luís Alfredo Garcia, owner of the murder weapon, of (...)

Published on 18 May 2004 Read


Reporters Without Borders expresses anger and concern after murder of journalist

Reporters Without Borders expressed its anger and concern after the murder of prominent and outspoken television journalist Carlos Guadamuz. (...)

Published on 11 February 2004 Read

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