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Government ministers try to intimidate Polish media

Reporters Without Borders is very disturbed by attempts by Polish government ministers to intimidate the media during the past few days. The (...)

Published on 23 May 2013 Read


Secret services raid journalist’s home to arrest ex-minister who blew whistle on tapping

Reporters Without Borders has learned that members of the special services entered the apartment of freelance journalist Sylwester Latkowski in (...)

Published on 30 August 2007 Read


Government urged to amend laws that restrict press freedom

Press freedom in Poland is held back by the country’s laws, Reporters Without Borders was told today by Jacek Brzuszkiewicz of Gazeta Wyborcza, (...)

Published on 9 August 2007 Read


Regional weekly editor told he will have to serve three-month prison sentence

Reporters Without Borders condemns the decision, announced yesterday, that Andrzej Marek, the editor of the regional weekly Wiesci Polickie, will (...)

Published on 26 June 2007 Read


Spanish daily and Catalan feminist face trial in Wroclaw for “defaming Poland”

Reporters Without Borders today condemned a lawsuit that was brought against the Spanish daily El País in the southwestern city of Wroclaw on 5 (...)

Published on 21 June 2007 Read


Court ruling on “decommunization” law lifts threat to press freedom

Read in french Rsf’s article Read in polish Rsf’s article Reporters Without Borders today hailed the Polish constitutional court’s 11 May decision (...)

Published on 15 May 2007 Read


Bad pupil Poland refuses to abolish prison sentences for defamation

Reporters Without Borders today condemned the Polish constitutional court’s decision to uphold article 212 of the criminal code, under which (...)

Published on 2 November 2006 Read


Pressure on German journalists continues in wake of article making fun of Polish president

Reporters Without Borders expressed alarm today at the Polish government’s campaign against the German daily Die Tageszeitung and its reporter (...)

Published on 25 July 2006 Read

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