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Will intelligence services be asked to identify "anti-Romanian" journalists?

în limba română Reporters Without Borders and its Romanian partner organization, the Active Watch-Media Monitoring Agency (AW-MMA), condemn the (...)

Published on 16 August 2012 Read


ActiveWatch - MMA and Reporters Without Borders condemn acts of violence during protests

ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency and Reporters without Borders condemn the acts of violence perpetrated against journalists by both policemen (...)

Published on 17 January 2012 Read


Disturbing panorama of continuing media decline

The Romanian media monitoring NGO Active Watch-MMA, a Reporters Without Borders partner since 2004, has just released the English-language (...)

Published on 21 July 2011 Read


Open letter to Mrs. Lia Olguța Vasilescu

The Romanian Senate Mrs. Lia Olguța Vasilescu Subject: Draft law regulating Internet forums Dear Mrs. Vasilescu, Reporters Without Borders and (...)

Published on 18 August 2010 Read


Defence strategy review sees press as threat to national security

Reporters Without Borders joins its partner organisation ActiveWatch-MMA and 18 other Romanian NGOs in condemning a national defence strategy (...)

Published on 29 June 2010 Read


Improper behaviour towards a journalist by MEP George Becali

Reporters Without Borders and its partner organisation in Romania, the Active Watch -Media Monitoring Agency, are outraged by the vulgar and (...)

Published on 15 March 2010 Read


Government tries to rush through civil and criminal codes reform curtailing right to information

Reporters Without Borders and its partner organisation, the Media Monitoring Agency, condemn the restrictions on the right to information (...)

Published on 24 March 2009 Read


Dismay at constitutional court’s decision to reinstate press offences as crimes

Reporters Without Borders and its Romanian partner organisation, the Media Monitoring Agency (MMA) voiced shock today at the constitutional (...)

Published on 2 February 2007 Read

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