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Judicial persecution

Forced off the air


Freedom of information threatened by website blacklisting and recriminalization of defamation

Tекcт по-русски в PDF и ниже The lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma, yesterday approved a bill on third reading that will allow the authorities to (...)

Published on 13 July 2012 Read


Journalist to return to Russia after top investigator guarantees his safety

Novaya Gazeta deputy editor Sergei Sokolov has announced that he will return to Russia this week following an apology from Gen. Alexander (...)

Published on 19 June 2012 Read


Concerted cyber-attacks and draconian bill reinforce threat to online freedom

There are growing signs that the government is trying to tightening its control of the Internet while a new wave of Distributed Denial of Service (...)

Published on 18 June 2012 Read


Paris visit by international predator Vladimir Putin

Read in Arabic / بالعربية In anticipation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to France today, Reporters Without Borders activists joined with (...)

Published on 1 June 2012 Read


Radio journalist wounded in knife attack in Moscow

Reporters Without Borders deplores the violent knife attack two nights ago on the radio journalist Sergei Aslanian (Сергей Асланян) in Moscow. “We (...)

Published on 30 May 2012 Read


Putin’s new mandate starts inauspiciously for media

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the arrests and beatings of at least 15 journalists during demonstrations yesterday and today in (...)

Published on 7 May 2012 Read


Independent regional TV station hounded, might have to close

Reporters Without Borders condemns a six-week-old campaign of harassment of Puls TV, an independent television station based in the southwestern (...)

Published on 28 March 2012 Read


Journalists beaten and arrested during post-election protests

Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns the way the police treated journalists during post-election protests in Moscow and Saint Petersburg on (...)

Published on 7 March 2012 Read

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