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Office of opposition newspaper destroyed in firebomb attack

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the arson attack that ravaged the editorial offices of the weekly Vecherny Krasnokamsk in the Perm (...)

Published on 31 January 2012 Read


Tajik opposition journalist stabbed in Moscow

Reporters Without Borders is shocked by the assault yesterday on the Tajik journalist Dodojon Atovulloev, who was stabbed in a Moscow restaurant, (...)

Published on 13 January 2012 Read


Leading independent journalist gunned down in Dagestan

Reporters Without Borders is dismayed to learn that Khadzhimurad Kamalov, the founder of the independent weekly Chernovik and head of Svoboda (...)

Published on 16 December 2011 Read


Vkontakte social network targeted by security services

Pavel Durov, the founder and director general of the Russian online social network Vkontakte, was summoned to the Saint Petersburg prosecutor’s (...)

Published on 9 December 2011 Read


Political debate disrupted by cyber-attacks and arrests

Reporters Without Borders deplores the many cases of censorship that marred yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Russia. As most of the (...)

Published on 5 December 2011 Read


Government eager to use Net surveillance software currently in test phase

Reporters Without Borders condemns plans by Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal supervisory agency for communications, information technology and mass (...)

Published on 28 October 2011 Read


Chechen journalist’s young wife attacked, left unconscious in Moscow

Reporters Without Borders is dismayed to learn that Madina Duduyeva, the wife of journalist Abdulla Duduyev, was attacked on her way to her (...)

Published on 27 October 2011 Read


Call for more effort, more vigilance five years after Politkovskaya murder

The failure to solve Anna Politkovskaya (Анна Политковская)’s murder in the five years since her death casts a long shadow that threatens all those who fight (...)

Published on 6 October 2011 Read

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