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Safety of journalists


UN meeting on safety of journalists

We, the undersigned participants of the meeting of the civil society delegates of the 3rd UN Inter-Agency meeting on the Safety of Journalists (...)

Published on 4 November 2014 Read


New UN resolution on safety of journalists

Reporters Without Borders welcomes a new resolution on the safety of journalists that the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted today. (...)

Published on 25 September 2014 Read


RWB secretary-general to address UN Security Council

“The seventh anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1738 on the protection of journalists in armed conflict will be on 23 December,” Deloire (...)

Published on 13 December 2013 Read


Digital Safety for Journalists: Open Online Workshop #digisafe

Journalists can find answers to questions they are increasingly asking themselves: How careful do they have to be online? What dangers lurk (...)

Published on 29 November 2013 Read


UN General Assembly adopts resolution on journalists safety

Adopted today by consensus by the Third Committee, this resolution meets calls that Reporters Without Borders has been making for years, in (...)

Published on 26 November 2013 Read


United Nations - Further steps to enhance resolution 1738 needed more than ever

Reporters Without Borders welcomes the United Nations Security Council interest in considering to take further steps to enhance the (...)

Published on 17 July 2013 Read

Safety of journalists

Journalists in conflict zones: train with the French army

From the 9th to the 14th of December 2012, the press service of the French Defence Department’s Delegation for Defence Information and (...)

Published on 22 April 2013 Read


Spate of attacks on government media and journalists

Read in Arabic (بالعربية) Reporters Without Borders condemns today’s bombing of the state TV station’s headquarters in the high-security district of (...)

Published on 6 August 2012 Read

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