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Is data protection agency going to censor the Internet ?

The Court of Justice of the European Union will today consider a request from Spain’s National Court for an interpretation of European law on (...)

Published on 26 February 2013 Read


Spanish magazine sentenced to a 10,000 Euro fine for investigating corruption in the Catalan health system

Reporters Without Borders protests against the conviction of Marta Sibina and Albano Dante, journalists and editors of the magazine CafèAmbLlet. (...)

Published on 9 November 2012 Read


Conservative government reasserts control over state broadcaster

Reporters Without Borders is deeply concerned to see that several journalists with a reputation for being critical of the ruling Popular Party (...)

Published on 8 August 2012 Read


Criminal charges against journalist who posted spy video of politician online

Reporters Without Borders condemns the use of judicial proceedings to hound Madrid-based Radio SER journalist Pilar Velasco, who was charged (...)

Published on 26 April 2012 Read


Media presence not wanted when police disperse protests

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns police violence against press photographers and reporters covering the protests that have taken place (...)

Published on 23 August 2011 Read


Concern about death threats against journalist investigating corruption in southern Spain

Reporters Without Borders is worried about the increasingly direct death threats that Gorka Zamarreño, an investigative reporter for (...)

Published on 22 April 2011 Read


Spanish judge to go to Baghdad to investigate cameraman’s death in 2003

Reporters Without Borders hails a decision by Spain’s judicial oversight council, the CGPJ, to allow National Court judge Santiago Pedraz to go to (...)

Published on 15 September 2010 Read


After seven years, closed newspaper finally acquitted of Basque terrorist links

Reporters Without Borders hails a Spanish court’s decision on 12 April to acquit five journalists who ran the Basque-language daily Euskaldunon (...)

Published on 14 April 2010 Read

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