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Religious leaders urged to sign Declaration on Freedom of Expression

The declaration says that “no one’s concept of what is sacred may be imposed on others” and that “everyone is free to express criticism, even (...)

Published on 3 February 2015 Read


Dangerous comments by pope on freedom of expression

During an inflight news conference while on his way to the Philippines, the pope said: “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s (...)

Published on 19 January 2015 Read


RWB appalled by Charlie speculators

As a result of the speculative buying, the 700,000 copies put on sale in France today sold out without hours. Pending the delivery of additional (...)

Published on 14 January 2015 Read


“Blasphemy” concerns must not limit freedom of information

In a December 2013 report entitled “Blasphemy: Information sacrificed on altar of religion,” Reporters Without Borders examined the “crime” of (...)

Published on 8 January 2015 Read


RWB appeals to media outlets to publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Renowned worldwide for its irreverent cartoons, Charlie Hebdo has always put its fight for freedom of information first. And now its staff has (...)

Published on 7 January 2015 Read


RSF deeply shocked by attack on Charlie Hebdo

“We weep for the victims of today’s horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo, who include the cartoonists Charb, Cabu, Tignous and Wolinski and Bernard (...)

Published on 7 January 2015 Read


Black Wednesday: at least 12 shot dead in attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Reporters Without Borders (RSF)@ is deeply shocked by this deadly attack. "Attacking a newsroom with lethal weapons is the kind of violence we (...)

Published on 7 January 2015 Read


Court awards punitive damages against satirical magazine

The suit was brought against the weekly for an article headlined: “Swindle alleged, but what happened to all the cash?” published in May 2010, in (...)

Published on 28 November 2014 Read

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