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Letter to the UN Security Council about the detainees in Syria

Your Excellency, We, a group of 15 international and Syrian NGOs, are seeking your government’s assistance, as a member of the United Nations (...)

Published on 31 August 2015 Read

Articles Egypt

Judicial sham must end with acquittal of all Al-Jazeera journalists

This is now scheduled to happen tomorrow after two postponements since 30 July. The three journalists were released provisionally in February (...)

Published on 28 August 2015 Read

Articles China

China makes reporter pay for fall in share prices

Wang Xiaolu, who works for the independent business magazine Caijing, was arrested at his Beijing home on 25 August for “fabricating and spreading (...)

Published on 28 August 2015 Read

Articles China

Whatever the results of the World Championships, China will still be 176th

To mark the start of the tournament tomorrow, RSF is distributing a campaign visual that shows a hand holding a medal with barbed wire instead of (...)

Published on 21 August 2015 Read

Articles China

Authorities suppress “right to know” about Tianjin explosions

The Chinese Communist Party has issued a series of directives to online media and Internet users since the massive chemical explosions in Tianjin (...)

Published on 18 August 2015 Read

Articles Egypt

“Shawkan” in very poor health after two years of provisional detention

Known by the pseudonym of “Shawkan”, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, 28, has been held in Cairo’s Tora prison ever since his arrest on 14 August 2013 while (...)

Published on 12 August 2015 Read

Articles United States

US Department of Defense must revise the Law of War Manual

Reporters Without Borders has written to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to highlight its concerns regarding certain provisions of the (...)

Published on 11 August 2015 Read

Articles Vietnam

John Kerry must "raise the crucial issue of freedom of information" in Vietnam

US Secretary of State John Kerry Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington DC 20520 USA Washington DC, August 4, 2015 Dear (...)

Published on 7 August 2015 Read

Articles Vietnam

Cyber-security workshop held successfully, despite police harassment

Held from 31 July to 2 August in a hotel on Cat Ba Island, 160 km east of Hanoi, the workshop consisted of training provided by DTD member Ton (...)

Published on 7 August 2015 Read

Articles Egypt

French president asked to broach media freedom during Cairo visit

President François Hollande Elysée Palace 55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris Paris, 4 August 2015 Subject: Freedom of information in (...)

Published on 5 August 2015 Read

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