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Suwicha Thakor

Published on Friday 6 February 2009. Updated on Monday 9 February 2009.
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"The arrest of Suwicha Thakor is a warning to all Internet users in the country.” Vincent Brossel, head of the Asia desk, Reporters Without Borders

Suwicha Thakor was arrested by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), while he was at the home of friends on 14 January 2009. His computer’s Internet address matched the address from which the comments about the king and his aides had been sent, the DSI said, adding that he had left Bangkok because he knew he was guilty. His lawyer appealed unsuccessfully against his imprisonment on 16 January. His application for bail was refused on 26 January.

“Suwicha Thakor is neither a militant, nor a political figure nor an intellectual. Like millions of his peers, he surfs the Internet for pleasure. His arrest is a warning to all Internet users in the country. It shows just how far the government is prepared to go to punish those who express themselves about the king”, Reporters Without Borders said.

The powered para-gliding enthusiast is currently being held in Klong Prem prison after denying lese majeste charges against him. His situation has similarities with that of Duranee Charnchoengsilpakul, better known under the pseudonym “Da Torpedo”. The pro-Thaksin militant was arrested in July 2008 after making a 30-minute speech against the PAD. He remains in custody without any official charge being put to him.

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Download the report "His untouchable Majesty - Censorhip and emprisonment : the abuses in the name of lese majeste"

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