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Detained cyber-dissident faces up to 15 years in prison

Reporters Without Borders condemns the charges of “spreading mendacious information aimed at weakening national sentiment,” seeking to “stir up (...)

Published on 17 October 2008 Read


Banned in Syria, pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat is latest media to fall victim to tension between Arab regimes

Reporters Without Borders condemns Syria’s ban on distribution of the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat since 29 September. The ban on the newspaper, which (...)

Published on 8 October 2008 Read


Reporters Without Borders team and French TV journalist “will never get a visa,” minister reportedly says after they are refused entry at border

A Reporters Without Borders delegation led by its secretary-general, Robert Ménard, together with well-known French TV journalist Patrick Poivre (...)

Published on 15 September 2008 Read


Concerned about ailing political prisoner deprived of treatment, Reporters Without Borders urges Sarkozy to raise human rights during Damascus visit

Reporters Without Borders has written to French President Nicolas Sarkozy asking him to raise the issue of Syria’s political prisoners when he (...)

Published on 1 September 2008 Read


Court rejects writer’s request for release on completing three quarters of sentence

Reporters Without Borders “strongly condemns” a Damascus criminal court’s decision on 20 August to reject a request for the release of imprisoned (...)

Published on 22 August 2008 Read


Lawyer held for 12 days is latest victim of government harassment of opposition websites

Reporters Without Borders reiterates its condemnation of the government’s behaviour towards certain opposition websites after lawyer and website (...)

Published on 18 August 2008 Read


Call for release of writer accused of “weakening national feeling”

Reporters Without Borders called on the Syrian government today to release jailed online journalist Habib Saleh, who was arrested in a market in (...)

Published on 5 August 2008 Read


Syria sets Arab world record with at least five bloggers and cyber-dissidents detained

[Reporters Without Borders is worried by the lack of news about Hammam Haddad, a Damascus University student and author of magazine and Internet (...)

Published on 30 June 2008 Read

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