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Those who help us to help

Those who help us to help

Published on Thursday 30 April 2009.
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The House of Journalists

Reporters Without Borders works closely with the Journalists Residence (Maison des Journalistes), which accommodates an average of 30 journalists a year. All of its residents are journalists who have been forced to flee their country in order to survive. The Residence, located in Paris, offers them not only lodging but also an atmosphere of work, solidarity and support

A total of 162 exiled journalists from 47 countries, both men and women, have been accommodated since the Residence opened in 2002.


The NGO Aurore has a social integration programme called Prism that helps some of the journalists supported by Reporters Without Borders who have recently obtained refugee status in France. Using internal and external partners, Aurore offers them individual interviews or workshops on such subjects as culture, housing and jobs.

This assistance is extremely valuable. It helps exiled journalists to learn more about their host country and helps them in their search for work.

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

The European Commission’s EIDHR supports the Reporters Without Borders assistance unit that helps journalists facing an imminent danger as a result of having covered the situation in their country in a professional manner. The EIDHR programme’s aim is to reinforce and coordinate human rights organisations.




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