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Charges dropped

United States

Leaked documents show how US authorities hounded WikiLeaks

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the US government’s persecution of WikiLeaks. Secret documents published by journalists Glenn Greenwald (...)

Published on 20 February 2014 Read

United States

10 years in prison for circulating information in public interest

Jeremy Hammond, a 28-year-old WikiLeaks informant and cyber-activist linked to Anonymous, has become the fourth whistleblower to receive a long (...)

Published on 18 November 2013 Read

United States

Who will dare talk to the media after another whistleblower is jailed?

Reporters Without Borders is disturbed to learn that former FBI agent Donald Sachtleben was sentenced to three and a half years in prison (...)

Published on 15 November 2013 Read


In the light of the recent surveillance scandals, a German journalist is barred from his flight to the United States

Reporters Without Borders demands an explanation from the American border control as to why Ilja Trojanow was denied access to the United States. (...)

Published on 2 October 2013 Read

United States

Senate committee’s shield law project threatens investigative journalism

The draft federal law on the protection of journalists’ sources – the so-called media “shield law” - that the Senate Judiciary Committee approved on (...)

Published on 19 September 2013 Read

United States

Investigative journalist gagged from speaking about his trial

Reporters Without Borders is deeply troubled by a recent gag order placed on American investigative journalist Barrett Brown and his defense (...)

Published on 17 September 2013 Read

United States

Lengthy prison term for Bradley Manning

Reporters Without Borders condemned the 35-year prison sentence meted out today to U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning on charges including 10 (...)

Published on 21 August 2013 Read

United States

Manning verdict blow for investigative journalism and its sources

Reporters Without Borders regards today’s verdict in U.S. Army private Bradley Manning’s trial as dangerous. Although acquitted of “aiding the (...)

Published on 30 July 2013 Read

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