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Reporters Without Borders launches #FreeAustinTice campaign, a first in US media history

The American journalist Austin Tice disappeared in Syria in August 2012. His work was published by the McClatchy Newspapers, the Washington Post, (...)

Published on 19 February 2015 Read

United States

Justice Department finally stops harassing New York Times reporter

The decision, announced on 12 January, ends a seven-year legal battle between the Department of Justice and Risen, an investigative reporter (...)

Published on 15 January 2015 Read

United States

James Risen will not be forced to name his sources

Update - 19th December 2014 James Risen will not be forced to name his sources, a US court decided on 16 December. He will however be required (...)

Published on 19 December 2014 Read

United States

Reporter arrested in Ferguson: “I was just doing my job”

Gerald Trey Yingst, a journalist with the News2Share website, was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, while covering a demonstration on 22 November (...)

Published on 26 November 2014 Read

United States

Call for punishment of Missouri police behind crackdown on journalists

At least 15 journalists have been unfairly arrested during the clashes between the police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, after a white (...)

Published on 22 August 2014 Read

United States

US should not adopt “information warfare” approach

On 30 April, a committee reported the US International Communications Reform Act to the House of Representatives for further consideration. This (...)

Published on 15 May 2014 Read

United States

Alabama blogger forced to remove posts in order to be freed

Alabama-based blogger Roger Shuler was finally released conditionally on 26 March after five months in detention on a contempt of court charge (...)

Published on 7 April 2014 Read

United States

Barrett Brown case: 11 of 12 counts dismissed

Reporters Without Borders greets with relief federal prosecutors’ decision to drop nearly all criminal charges against Barrett Brown, a (...)

Published on 6 March 2014 Read

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