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Court bans all media from mentioning water pollution claims

Under an order issued by a Caracas court yesterday, all print, broadcast and online media are now banned from referring to an alleged case of (...)

Published on 22 March 2012 Read


Investigation drags its heels after two burglaries at offices of free speech NGO

The Venezuelan organization Espacio Público, which defends free speech, has suffered two successive break-ins at its offices, on 16 and 26 (...)

Published on 2 December 2011 Read


Court urged to acquit editor after releasing him conditionally

Reporters Without Borders is relieved to learn that Leocenis García, the editor of the weekly Sexto Poder, has been released conditionally after (...)

Published on 22 November 2011 Read


Venezuelan authorities impose 2-million-dollar fine on private TV station

The chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission, Pedro Maldonado, yesterday imposed a fine of 9.3 millions bolivars (2.162 millions (...)

Published on 19 October 2011 Read


Appeal against editor’s pre-trial detention when no crime has been established

Lawyers acting for Leocenis García, the editor of the weekly Sexto Poder, yesterday filed an appeal before a supervisory court against his (...)

Published on 20 September 2011 Read


Contract-style killing of newspaper columnist in Aragua state

Local newspaper columnist and politician Wilfred Ojeda Peralta was found murdered in La Victoria, in the northern state of Aragua, on 17 May (...)

Published on 19 May 2011 Read


Carabobo state radio station shut down illegally and without explanation

Carabobo Stereo 102.3 FM, a radio station based in the northern state of Carabobo, has been off the air since the evening of 18 March when around (...)

Published on 12 April 2011 Read


Provincial journalist prosecuted again, this time on dubious criminal libel charge

Gustavo Azócar, a journalist based in the western state of Táchira who has been prosecuted with varying degrees of success in the past, appeared on (...)

Published on 8 February 2011 Read

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