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Constitutional vote held in climate of polarised media and surfeit of presidential speeches

Venezuelans will vote in a referendum, on 15 February, on constitutional amendment sought by President Hugo Chávez on an end to limiting terms of (...)

Published on 13 February 2009 Read


Murder attempt against pro-Chávez journalist in Portuguesa state

Reporters Without Borders today condemned a murder attempt against Rafael Finol, political correspondent on the privately-owned daily El Regional (...)

Published on 15 January 2009 Read


New Year’s Day attack on TV station by radical pro-Chávez group

Reporters Without Borders condemns yesterday’s tear-gas grenade attack on the Caracas headquarters of privately-owned TV news station Globovisión. (...)

Published on 2 January 2009 Read


TV station Globovisión targeted by president Hugo Chávez

Reporters Without Border today deplored the legal irregularity and purely political intent of a administrative move yesterday against the (...)

Published on 28 November 2008 Read


Shooting attack against regional daily’s outspoken columnist

Reporters Without Borders calls for a thorough investigation into a shooting attack in which newspaper columnist Eliécer Calzadilla was seriously (...)

Published on 29 September 2008 Read


Interior minister justifies attack against Globovisión claimed by pro-government militants

Reporters Without Borders condemned open support for attacks against the privately-owned media voiced by representatives of the state and ruling (...)

Published on 25 September 2008 Read


In “victory for impunity,” court acquits alleged drug baron of journalist’s murder

Reporters Without Borders calls for a review of the trial of alleged regional drug baron Ceferino García, who was acquitted by a court in Maturín, (...)

Published on 11 September 2008 Read


Threats against business daily’s lawyer and president

The business daily Reporte de la Economía’s lawyer, Giselle Suárez, has told the authorities she has been getting messages warning her that she will (...)

Published on 1 August 2008 Read

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